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The Misery Index: 6/11/10

June 11, 2010

It occurs to me that I’m not delivering the misery the way I could be, so here’s the first of what I imagine will be many collections of links to stories that just take the pain and horror of parents and children to a whole new level. Enjoy!

A study says that helicopter parents produce neurotic children, who, sure as shit, grow up to be neurotic adults. Although I can tell you, as a neurotic adult who had the opposite of helicopter parents, there are many, many ways to create neurosis.

Two youth baseball players were suspended because their dads got into a fistfight.

A Brazilian man has been charged with a variety of crimes after being accused of fathering seven children with his daughter. His explanation suggests his own parents may have been related, too.

Burgers give kids asthma. Not the first health problem I’d have predicted, but okay.

The UK plans to send parentless Afghan refugee children back home even though they’re,  you know, parentless. I don’t know what could go wrong with that plan.

A Mexican man who claimed his children had been abducted first confessed to giving them away to settle a $1,900 debt (Mexico is all about value), and then admitted to killing them.

An artist painting a diversity mural at a school in Arizona was asked by the principal to lighten the skin tone of one of the kids depicted in the painting. For a place with nothing but sand, devalued real estate and pinochle tournaments, Arizona sure doesn’t try to ingratiate, does it?

12 kids died in Indonesia when a bridge collapsed during a ceremony to dispel bad luck. Irony spares no one.

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