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Misery Index: 7/16/10

July 16, 2010

Back by popular demand, it’s the Misery Index, a measure of this week’s bad, tragic, haunting, damaging, misguided and just plain stupid things in parenting. Not all of them, of course. The internet isn’t big enough for that.

Mia Farrow, a UN Goodwill Ambassador, visited Uganda and met a bunch of children. Rumors she was handing out invitations to old colleague Roman Polanski‘s coming home party are unconfirmed.

A California girl who was abducted from a foster family’s home six years ago by three of her aunts has been found alive in Arizona under a pile of laundry.

The movement to take obese children away from their parents on the grounds of neglect is growing. Much like the children themselves.

When your sick kid whines, give him more drugs, for God’s sake.

Some people think 12-year-old girls shouldn’t get married.

I know an Ohio woman who should think about rejiggering her resume.

$5,000 a month for clothes? I wish I was breaking up with Melissa Etheridge.

Sometimes, the magic just wears off. Isn’t that right, Magic Jeff?

The worst thing about camping used to be the canned pupa.

Should children be routinely screened for high cholesterol? Hell, why not?

A mom has been ordered not to breastfeed her kid. The Saudis are going to be pissed.

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